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L e s s o n s  

Providing a supportive learning environment, teaching ages 8 - 88!


Catering  and caring for absolute beginners through to professionals                                                                                                                          

who wish to fine-tune their skills or prepare for scholarships, auditions or recordings.

Lessons may cover the following:


  • building a healthy breathing technique

  • tone development and placement of voice

  • pitch and ear training

  • interpretation

  • beginner's piano playing and familiarity with keyboard

  • basic theory of music

  • basic song and chart-writing

  • jazz improvisation

  • performance techniques and dealing with stage fright


While performing and recording extensively with A-listers in Australia, Asia, New York and Europe, singer/songwriter/pianist Bonnie accrued valuable experience with a variety of contemporary musical styles and is fully accredited by the Music Teacher’s Association of NSW as a Teacher of Singing and Vocal Technique.  She has a predilection for jazz and in between musical sojourns and recording projects, she enjoyed teaching private lessons to individual students at home, at high schools (Mosman High School, SCECGS Redlands, Sydney), and at the Australian Institute of Music.  While performing at the Giant Steppes of Jazz International Festival in Ulaanbataar Mongolia in 2012, Bonnie co-presented a Jazz Workshop for music students at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture with multi-instrumentalist Graham Jesse.


Bonnie's approach encompasses tailoring lessons specifically for each student, appreciating and cultivating the unique and inherent musicality within each individual.


She is able to accompany you, record backing tracks for you to rehearse with at home, and if requested, assist with arrangements, song-writing, recording, production and website design.

Weekly or fortnightly lessons are offered, allowing students to learn at a pace that suits their lifestyle and budget.


Students are encouraged to nominate songs that they'd like to learn, however song suggestions and music can certainly be provided.                                      

Sound Collage - 4 albums - Bonnie J Jensen
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