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T e s t i m o n i a l s

I have found Bonnie to be an excellent teacher as her immense attention to detail and focus on technique has truly developed my understanding of my voice.  Her finely-tuned sense of pitch has challenged me to refine my capability to tackle hugely challenging music, and develop my own aural skills.  Similarly, as an HSC student, I found that her enthusiasm for testing my melodic memory and sight-singing capabilities contributed to a high level of musicianship.

Bonnie influenced me to build my vocal awareness so that I have control over the way I use my voice in response to different musical styles and the emotions presented in the music. She has helped me develop formidable technical skills which I can apply to difficult pieces, in various musical genres.

Finally, Bonnie’s knowledge of musical repertoire, and her experience as an active jazz musician is a unique aspect of her mentorship.  I have found that she has challenged me to consider learning music from genres I ordinarily wouldn’t, and pushed me to explore the bounds of jazz performance.  Likewise, she allows insight into the life of a professional musician, providing an understanding of live technique.

Ginger-Rose  | HSC Atar – 99, Class of 2017

Not only is Bonnie a fantastic singer and musician but she is an amazing teacher too. Bonnie really understands people and all the different reasons that they want to learn to sing. She suggests songs that suit me - not just my voice but also my personality.


I have come such a long way in three months - from not being able to hit a note I can now sing several songs without missing one!  Bonnie has given me so much confidence that I almost feel ready to sing in public.


My lessons with Bonnie are the highlight of my week - they make me feel like I've achieved something worthwhile and are also a lot of fun.


Bonnie is patient, funny and insightful and in my view, this makes her the perfect teacher for those starting out on their singing journey. She is also an extremely talented and experienced musician so even if you've been singing for a while I can promise you will learn and develop with her.”

                                                                               Joanne | Marketing Manager

“Due to my son's learning disabilities I was advised to seek musical lessons/stimulation so we chose the piano. After discussing my son with various teachers I decided to choose Bonnie due to her warm, gentle and nurturing spirit. I cannot say enough about her wonderful ability to engage my son with her humour and creative learning techniques. 


Her resourcefulness to research his issues and work with him rather than force him to conform to typical training methods was thrilling for us to see. 


It's so rare these days to find someone who exceeds your expectations.”

                                                                           Nardia | Parent

“I cannot recommend Bonnie J Jensen highly enough when it comes to all facets of her teaching. Being a highly respected musician in Australia, and internationally recognised for her exceptional talent, she not only sings but plays piano and is a superb song writer. Her extensive recording career is certainly proof of that.  As a singing teacher Bonnie has everything that you could possibly be looking for with the added bonus of being a terrific person.


Bonnie's ability to accompany on piano makes the experience of singing lessons so much more complete and of course she is able to put a very professional backing down so you can practice to your heart’s content, not something easy to find in a vocal coach.


Due to her extensive recording career Bonnie is also able to assist with all sides of production if you have such ambition.   If it is simply fun you are after with your singing, then it certainly is fun with Bonnie by your side.  This tutor's  generosity of spirit and devotion to her students makes her truly invaluable."

                                                                   Virginia | Jazz Singer 

 S E L E C T E D    A L B U M    R E V I E W S

"...Bonnie’s marvelous voice is the key to why the CD succeeds so completely. Her skills honed by years of performing, the vocal trademarks are all there; the smoky timbre, the pitch perfect accuracy, the lovely way she controls the lower register."

The Portland Observer | May 2010


"...She un-tethers her sidemen on Stevie Wonder’s ‘Higher Ground’ while rising to the occasion herself on Toots Thieleman’s challenging ‘Bluesette’. Jensen’s conviction on Mose Allison’s blues protest ‘Everybody’s Crying Mercy’ is matched by her funk on Sting’s ‘If You Love Somebody’..."

ABC Limelight Magazine | August 2010

"…Jensen's title ballad, The Sapphire Tree, an original, displays a talent for both musical composition and poetic lyrics, evident too on Bonnie's Neon Soliloquy: "Like a diamond in the river, as precious as the African rain, this glimpse of bliss will sustain you, again and again…"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Weekend Australian  |2007

 “Australian jazz chanteuse Bonnie J Jensen is one of a covey of new female jazz vocalists bringing a fresh perspective to the jazz culture.  She joins the likes of America’s Norah Jones, Britain’s Claire Martin and Sweden’s Linda Pettersson in bringing a soft, sweet, sultry, soulful synapse to the jazz idiom.”

Voodoo Child Magazine USA |2009


“This is an experienced singer…and it’s the Diana Krall-like combination of innocence and sexy womanliness somewhere in the timbre of the voice that lets you know.”

Shane Nicols | | 2002

“SHIMMER is world class! Very well produced, with perfect vocals, amazing performances and sound balance. It’s really masterpiece and should be on the same shelf with top jazz world performers!”                            
Anatoli Torjinski | Multi-Instrumentalist  |2013

Bonnie J Jensen_The Sapphire Tree
Bonnie J Jensen_blue joy
Bonnie J Jensen_Shimmer
Bonnie J Jensen_ Lucky so so
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